Cross Dressing Super Store

If you are looking to achieve a more feminine, curvaceous figure many cross dressing males turn to body foundations, like corsets. These cross dressing undergarments are designed specifically to mold the male figure and give you an allusion of an hourglass figure. A corset is the most useful undergarment for slimming your waistline.

Crossdresser.com is the premium online cross dressing store and mail order company offering the widest selection of corsets for men that are designed especially to fit the male frame.

Tyler DeSouza, lead designer at Suddenly Fem, talks about their cross-dressing corsets. “Suddenly Fem leads the marketplace in cross-dressing corsets for men. Finding lingerie for a cross dresser or a transvestite is difficult to do but even more so when they are looking for a corset. In the past these garment for the cross-dress males have been less then attractive, ill-fitting and just didn’t work. Here at Suddenly Fem we design all of our corsets exclusively to fit a man’s measurements, this includes our cross-dressing corsets. Each of the corsets in our line are manufactured with metal boning to give the wearer ultimate support to effectively alter the male figure into that of a more feminine shape. Our corset designs fit your correctly around the rib cage without any gaping on unflattering fit. Compare to the lower priced competitors products and you will understand the difference of wearing a well designed corset that is fitted to the body from Crossdresser.com".